Where Are You In Your Life?  Are you looking for a place to start or one to complete a successful career?  If you’re looking to build a solid foundation, MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES are here to help.

Seeking a permanent practice opportunity with a medical group, hospital, or private practice? Take a moment to peruse some of the many job opportunities currently available through MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES.

Lately we have noticed some recruiters are taking your personal CV and information and blasting them to facilities/doctors without your knowledge.  We here at MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES does not do that.  We are a professional family based business that only wants to give you the best opportunity in a timely manner without wasting your time with unwanted interviews.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This statement especially rings true in terms of the site visit. A number of things are involved in making a good first impression. Common sense will tell you that personal presentation is important, but there are other issues involved in presenting your fund of medical knowledge, your personal interests, and how you can make a contribution to the potential employer. If you are an employer, there are issues involved with catering to the interests of a particular employee while determining the quality of their candidacy. As third-party facilitators of many successful matches,  MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES has discovered a few key elements that help make a difference. Whether you are a candidate interested in learning these techniques or a client interested in planning the most appropriate attraction strategy for a candidate.

We will not send out your resume without your consent.

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