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We are the partner you are looking to provide customized recruiting solutions. Using our advanced recruiting network, we are able to locate qualified candidates and assist top notch medical facilities nationwide fill difficult positions. We identify and screen candidates who meet your requirements and are interested in your employment opportunities. We know how to find the right candidate for your situation, saving you time and freeing you to manage your business.

Our recruiting solutions are flexible and our unmatched candidate guarantee has earned us a reputation of trust and quality. Top facilities in the United States consider MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES as their first choice partner in Practitioner recruiting.  We will NOT send CV’s unless the candidate fits your qualifications and unless the candidate gives us their permission. We utilize our position in the recruiting business with class.

We believe there are really only 3 things needed to successfully grow a business:

  • Provide a better product or service than your competition.
  • Provide more standard and included services in your normal price than your competitors.
  • Provide a price that’s cheaper than everyone else.



Karen L. Keene – Client Specialist


We started MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES in 2006 when we realized the need for Physician Assistants has grown. I have worked with most of the client side of the business. MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES has done business with many Health care facilities including: Mainline Health, Signature Health care, Baptist Memorial, Mercy Health System and many more.  We have been successful in placing candidates in those facilities and they are still there.

Before starting MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES I worked for GM in the Health Services dept. and that is what made me realize what I wanted to do. While working in the Health services Dept. I worked with several recruiters to bring on Nurses for the different facilities.  So I learned how the recruiters worked and became very interested.  That is how MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES became who they are.

I am a Mother of 4 and a new grandmother of 1.  I married Mike in 2003 and we combined our families and became a family of 5 until we had Jackson our 7 year old. I enjoy watching my sons play sports like Football, Baseball, and Wrestling are the Keene family choices. We also enjoy having our Grandson Mason over to spend some time with us.  He was born in July
of 2011 and has been the joy of our lives.

Michael S. Keene – Recruitment Specialist


I began working with MK KEENE & ASSOCIATES with the promise of bringing great people together with great people.  This remains my focus.  “It is simply a win – win for everyone when this happens”. The nationwide need for Physician Assistants is another motivator for me as I come from a back ground of dealing with business solutions and people to people sales organizations.  But more is the fact that PAs make up a growing population of people that are simply fantastic.  I try to remember to ask everyone I speak to this question-  “Do you enjoy being a PA?”  I have always gotten the same answer which is a unanimous YES!!!.  Happy people do what they love, and I have discovered without a doubt that PAs are happy people.  I love this part of my work.

My family is a huge part of my life and a part that I really enjoy along with sports, both watching and coaching of youth sports.  All my sons play Football, Baseball or wrestling and it has become a staple of our family to watch them compete each week.  My daughter is currently going to school to become a Physician Assistant herself.  She has just given me my first grandchild Mason which has been a true blessing.

Even though I attended Central Michigan University, I am a huge fan of the University of Michigan’s football and basketball program. Remember, we can always talk sports anytime you want.

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